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Our website offers information about Portuguese Lessons, Translation and Voice-Over Services,  Brazilian Culture and Local Brazilian Community. 



Welcome to our Denver, CO / Brazilian Portuguese website.

You can use this site to find and immerse yourself in Brazilian Portuguese culture right here in Denver, CO.


I am a native Brazilian with a dual American/Brazilian citizenship.  

I have a Bachelor of Translation and a Licentiate in Languages and Literature.

I have been teaching Brazilian Portuguese for 19 years in the United States.


Neide Bollinger

Brazilian Portuguese

Teaching - Translation - Voice Over - Proofreading

About Me




Because I teach one-on-one, or groups, classes are open-ended, and we focus on the specific needs and skills of the student. I use a variety of materials to develop skills.


For beginners, I offer private classes covering basic vocabulary, greetings, the alphabet and numbers, pronunciation and cultural training.


I can help students prepare for their next trip to Brazil learning  conversational Portuguese to order food, buy tickets, greet people and get around.


I can prepare professionals in order to improve their business in Brazil.


I also offer private tutoring and specialize in teaching  Portuguese to people who already know some Spanish.


For advanced students, I offer group conversations.


My classes cover reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The overall emphasis, however, is on speaking.


Lastly, I teach about Brazilian culture to better understand the context of the language.


Call me, email me or text me today to learn about my work, schedules and prices!


This is a wonderful time to start learning, to expand your language skills and learn more about Brazil!



I provide document translation and proofreading services: Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese



I also provide Brazilian Portuguese voice-over services.

Community Resources




Brazilian Steakhouses

Rodizio Grill

Fogo de Chão - Denver

Fogo de Chão - Lone Tree

Texas de Brazil


Brazilian Market 

Little Brazil New Address

Brazilian Restaurants

Aroma of Brazil (Aurora)

Taste of Brasil (Colorado Springs


Brazilian Bakery 


Maria da Silva

Maria Benedito(Coxinhas da Nenê - (Arvada)

Marrom Bombom (Longmont)

Copacabana Grill

Cheese Bread








Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazil Help

Lonely Planet




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"Welcome to my YOUTUBE channel." 


Here you will find videos with Portuguese Lessons,

information about Brazil and Brazilian Culture.



Green Typewriter

Makes Learning Fun


Neide is the best at what she does. I thought that learning Portuguese was going to be the like pulling teeth, but she has very patient and understanding with me. She makes learning fun and enjoyable yet challenging. She teaches all aspects of the language and goes out of her way to make sure I understand the material. She is very personable and makes you feel like family. I would recommend her to anyone trying to learn Portuguese.

Charles Williams, Colorado.

"Axé! A Highly Qualified, Skilled Professional"


Neide is a highly qualified trained professional. She is skilled in teacher-student relationship and the mentoring process. I have been Neide's student for more than four years. I began lessons with her when I lived in Denver but moved to New Jersey where my lessons are via on the Internet. I teach college English and other courses, and I sing Brazilian music professionally, which makes language arts crucial to my life's work. My experience as Neide's student has been totally axé, and I believe that yours will, too.

Marjorie Williams, Newark, NJ

"The best there is!"

Neide is a passionate and engaging teacher of Brazilian Portuguese. She is enthusiastic about her native language and country and that enthusiasm quickly becomes contagious. Nothing else can prepare a new traveler to Brazil than a few months of classes with Neide. Of all the different methods of learning Portuguese I have tried nothing compares to her classes.

Raymond Nelsen, Denver, Colorado

"Such a Great Experience and Perfect for All Levels"

I went on a trip to Brazil 4 years ago and when I got back, I was in love with the language and had to learn it. I did a google search for Brazilian Portuguese teachers and Denver and Neide’s name was the first to pop up. I decided to set up a class and have not been disappointed yet.
Neide is a fantastic teacher and she works with all levels. I started out not speaking but five words in Portuguese and now I can speak and understand full conversations.
Neide likes to introduce her students to the Brazilian culture by providing access to Brazilian movies and music. She also has her students pick up stuff when they are in Brazil to bring back and hand out to her students. She has great learning materials (workbooks, dictionaries, audio aids, etc). She matches up students of the same level to get together and speak Portuguese outside of class time to keep up with the speaking skills. This was a nice bonus for me. I liked having someone else to talk to who shares the same passion for the language that I do.
Neide is a very generous and patient woman and I always feel comfortable speaking with her in Portuguese (which initially was very scary to me). I highly suggest Neide as your local Portuguese teacher. I love her so much! Not only is she a great teacher but she is also a great friend. 

Julie Newlin, DC Area

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Call 303.565.9509 or E-mail:

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