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Because I teach one-on-one, or groups, classes are open-ended, and we   focus on the specific needs and skills of the student. I use a varietyof   written materials to develop skills.
For beginners, I offer private classes covering basic vocabulary,   greetings, the alphabet and numbers, pronunciation and cultural training.
I can help students prepare for their next trip to Brazil, learning   conversational Portuguese to order food, buy tickets, greet people and get around.
I can prepare professionals in order to improve their business in Brazil.
I also offer private tutoring and specialize in teaching Brazilian   Portuguese to people who already know some Spanish.
For advanced students, I offer group conversations.
My classes cover reading, listening, speaking and writing.
The overall emphasis, however, is on speaking.
Lastly, I teach about Brazilian culture to better understand the context of  the language.
Call me, email me or text me today to learn about my work, schedules and prices!
This is a wonderful time to start learning, to expand your language  skills  and learn more about Brazil!
                                                                                  Neide (pronounced “Nayjee”) Bollinger
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